Sunday, September 24, 2017
Lubane Savings & Credit Co-operative Society
Office Hours: 08:00 Hrs - 16:45 Hrs (Monday – Friday)
Tel: (+268) 2416 1836/7 Fax: (+268) 2417 1802
Email: Post Office Box A213 Swazi Plaza Mbabane
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Lubane was established in 1977 by individual SEC employees who joined together and formed a society. The society was registered under the Swaziland Co-operative Act of 1964 which was revised in 2003 and is currently regulated by FSRA.

Lubane has opened the bond to non S.E.C. employees whose employers are willing to deduct from source.


To be a competitive SACCO-based financial institution serving its membership globally.


Lubane savings and Credit Co-operative Society is committed to providing innovative financial services for its members to attain financial freedom.

Common Bond

Lubane is a Co-operative Society for:    SEC employees, retired SEC employees, other approved companies, Lubane Staff, University student’s and Member’s children.