Saturday, May 18, 2024
Lubane Savings & Credit Co-operative Society


Lubane was established in 1977 by individual SEC employees who joined together and formed a society. The society was registered under the Swaziland Co-operative Act of 1964 which was revised in 2003 and is currently regulated by FSRA.

Lubane is a Co-operative Society for: SEC employees, retired SEC employees, other approved companies, Lubane Staff, University student’s and Member’s children.


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Secondary Membership

Non-withdrawable Savings

Member Share

  • In order to become a member of the Co-op you are obligated to buy shares monthly from as little as E100.
  • This forms part of your savings and its non withdrawable.
  • A member can only receive these funds upon resignation/termination of membership.
  • Dividends are paid on membership shares based on available earnings paid at each year end.

Ordinary Savings

  • This is the compulsory savings account offered to all members.
  • This account serves as a storehouse for all needs comes handy when calculating your entitlement.
  • The account is non withdrawable unless you terminate your membership.
  • Monthly savings are mandatory to encourage the spirit of savings which help in the future.

Pension savings (Club 45)

  • Secure your later year’s comfort today.
  • Start savings from as little as E100 per month and ensure that your adjustment to retirement is normal and not a burden to your dependants.
  • The savings are non withdrawable unless termination of membership or when you reach your retirement age.
  • They also serve as a cushion when calculating your entitlement as they are added to your ordinary savings.

Withdrawable Savings

School Savings

  • You are never too old for education, you and your children or dependants can be well catered for if you use this portfolio.
  • There is no waiting period simply save and in the event you do not find a need for these services you may withdraw the savings for your own personal use.

Holiday Savings

  • Are you planning for a perfect getaway trip with family/friends? The Society provides its members the opportunity to invest for your future trips/adventure.
  • The savings can also be withdrawn should need arise sooner than anticipated without a charge.

Other Savings

  • This products serves as a storehouse for our members whom are indecisive on which product portfolio they may want to invest their money in over and above the products we have.
  • Members may deposit any amount and its can be withdrawn any time.
  • There are no charges associated with any withdrawal.

Intfutfwane Savings

  • True to our Swazi idiom "sisu sibekelwa ngaphandle" Lubane offers members the opportunity to plan for their future by saving some money continuously.
  • The savings are fixed for 24 months, thereafter a member may withdraw or decide to reinvest the savings to this or any other portfolio the Society offers.
  • It also comes with great interest rates.

Fixed Deposits

  • Long term investment that allows you to plan for your desired goals.
  • Make monthly deposits to these savings.
  • Start fixing from as early as 30 days.
  • Alternatively, members can arrange to save a lump sum of more than E15,000
  • They all come with different interest rates attached to each period respectively.
  • Once they reach maturity a member may choose to reinvest or withdraw the savings.